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2004-04-26 $50 Federation Dues Proposal From the Executive Board

$50 Federation Dues Proposal from the Executive Board:

The treasurer reported based on our current budget we are spending more than we take in and evidentially the budget could be in a deficit. Discussion was held on charging each Association $50 and continuing to keep the NC Soybean Association funds for the support of the Federation Forum.

Nelson McCaskill moved the NC Soybean Association financial support ($750) be earmarked to support the Federation Forum and what was not used remained in the general operating fund of Federation. Tori Martin second the motion. Motion passed.

Nelson McCaskill moved in 2005 Federation charge each association $50 dues for the general operating fund for federation. Majority Rayburn second the motion. Motion passed. This recommendation from the Executive Board will be presented to the Federation members at the Forum in December for their vote. James will inform/remind the Association presidents about this recommendation prior to the Forum.


2004 Proposed Budget was presented. Discussion was held on the NC Soybean Association’s yearly contribution of $750 to Federation. Historically the funds were given to Federation to cover “dues” to Federation for five associations: N. C. Association of County Agricultural Agents, N. C. Extension Association of Family & Consumer Sciences, N. C. Association of Extension 4-H Agents, N. C. Cooperative Extension Secretaries Association, N. C. Association of Cooperative Extension Specialists. Each association received $150 from Federation and they in turned sent the money back as payment for dues to Federation. Several years (????? Do you know when????) ago this procedure was stopped and Federation just kept the money. With North Carolina Association of Extension Program Assistants, Associates and Technicians becoming members the intention was to request additional funding from NC Soybeans Association. This never happened.