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Current Board of Directors

Announcements and Notes

Please see our Current Federation Forum page.

Current Board of Directors

Association Office First Last Email
NCJCEP President vacant
Vice President Anita Wright
ESP President Tammy Kelly
Vice President
NCAE4HA President Donna Mull
President-Elect Heather Schaffer
NCAEPAAT President Barbara Byers
Vice President Tamika McLean
NCACAA President Dalton Dockery
President-Elect Molly Sandfoss
NACES President Mike Frinsko
Vice President Janine Woods
NCEAFCS President Tracy Davis
President-Elect Sonya Patterson
NCCEAPA President Shelia Ange
President-Elect Jill Cofer
NCADEP President Spring Byrd
President-Elect Donna Rewalt

Executive Board

Vacant President NCACES
Anita Wright President – Elect NCCEAPA
Meg Wyatt Secretary NCAE4HA
Travis Birdsell Treasurer NCACAA
Jessica Zucchino Webmaster NCAEPAAT
Suzanne Hugus Parliamentarian ESP
Jayne McBurney Past President NCEAFCS

Associations at a Glance 

NCJCEP – North Carolina Joint Council of Extension Professionals

ESP – Epsilon Sigma Phi

NCAE4HA – North Carolina Association of Extension of 4-H Agents

NCAEPAAT – North Carolina Association of Extension Program Assistants, Associates, and Technicians

NCACAA – North Carolina Association of County Agricultural Agents

NCACES – North Carolina Association of Cooperative Extension Services

NCEAFCS – North Carolina Extension Association of Family & Consumer Sciences

NCCEAPA – North Carolina Cooperative Extension Administrative Professionals Association

NCADEP – North Carolina Association of Community Development Extension Professionals