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2003 Tentative Agenda


Federation Forum
February 17, 2003
Lee County Center
9:15 a.m. – 1:45 p.m.
PLEASE NOTE: Session times are a reference and are approximates – We will move on at a faster pace if at all possible!

Denise Brown, 2002 President, Presiding

Registration/Light Refreshments (15 minutes)
Welcome – Denise Brown
Association Reports (5 minutes each)
NCCES Foundation (15 minutes) – David Hays
Contracted Lobbyist (15 minutes) – Rodney Sawyer
Budget & Vision/Communication Channels (20 minutes) – Dr. Ort/Dr. McKinnie
Responses to Issues/Solutions – Robert Lopp (These will be mostly Q&A – please read Responses posted on Federation web site before arrival)
Professional Development/Reporting Staffing Patterns/Program DeliveryLunch
Responses to Issues/Solutions (continued)
Personnel Equity/Inequity
Computer Technology

Business Session

Denise Brown, President, Presiding
2:00 – 3:00 p.m.Call to Order
Approval of Agenda
Minutes – Joanna Radford (These are posted on the Federation web – please read before arrival)
Treasurer’s Report – Lisa Hall Committee Reports/Meetings (Committee Chairs – please let me know by February 5 if you have a report – if I do not hear, these will be removed – unless objection voiced, committee meetings will be deferred to Executive Committee session which follows)
Budget – Report?
Constitution – Report?
Awards & Recognition – Report?
Unfinished Business (Unless objection voiced, this will be deferred to Executive Committee session which follows)Extension and EngagementNew Business
Lobbyist (Unless objection voiced, this item will be deferred to Executive Committee session which follows)Recognition of 2002 Officers/Board – Denise Announcement of 2003 Officers/Board – Denise Installation of Officers – Steve Lilley Gavel Presentation – Denise Announcements – Robert Lopp

Executive Committee Meeting

3:00 – 5:30 p.m.
PLEASE NOTE: This portion of the agenda is tentative – Robert is still working out details. 
Robert Lopp, 2003 President, Presiding

Call to Order – Robert Lopp
Approval of Agenda
Minutes – (none to vote on at this time)
Treasurer’s Report – (none to give at this time)
Committee Work & Reports
Budget – Susan Condlin, Chair (Robert Lopp, James Cochran – Members)
Approve budget and dues
Status of $750 Soybean Funds
Constitution – Denise Brown, Chair (2003 Association Presidents – Members)
Update Article V Elections (Section 3)Recognition & Awards – James Cochran, Chair (2003 Association President- Elects or Vice-Presidents – Members)
Unfinished Business
Extension and Engagement
New Business
2003 Annual Forum – James Cochran, President-Elect
Called Mid-Year Meeting – August?
Next Meeting

Treasury Audit – Denise Brown, Robert Lopp, Lisa Hall and Susan Condlin